Film Classifications


Films with a G, PG or M rateing can be sold, hired or shown to anyone. Most unrestricted films are not classified by the Classification Office before release.


G label.png

General audiences (G)

People of all ages can view these films. There is no language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that would upset tamariki. 


M label.png

Parental guidance (PG)

Films with a PG label can be sold, hired or shown to anyone. This means unaccompanied tamariki can watch but some scenes may be scary. 


M label.png

Mature audiences (M) 

Films with an M label can be sold, hired or shown to anyone but they are more suitable for mature audiences. It's a good idea to read the content warning. 


R means legally age-restricted. It is an offence to allow someone underage to watch or access restricted films. RP means younger people can only watch with a parent or guardian. Restrictions apply whether you are in a cinema or at home. Adults cannot give tamariki permission to watch restricted films or play restricted video games. Doing so can lead to a large fine – so if a cinema denies you access on account of age, they’re just doing their job.

R18 label.png

R13, R15, R16, and R18

It is illegal to sell, hire, show or give a film with an age-restricted label to anyone under the age specified.


RP18 label.png

RP13, RP16, and RP18

A parent, shop or cinema is breaking the law if they allow children below these ages to access these films without adult supervision.


R label.png

Restricted (R)

R means that there is a special restriction. Refer to the words on the right of the label for the full conditions.


How do they classify content?